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Natural Smart Classroom Products exhibition on 13 -14 Dec ICOMS 2021International Conference organised by NCL Singrauli. More than 50 Smart classroom installed at NCL funded Schools by I Solutions Technologies Pvt Ltd...And Natural Inauguration of 300 SmartClassroom Installed at block level by BSA, Sonbhadra and GM, LANCO On 15 December 2021.

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iSolutions Tech Pvt Ltd.

I Solutions Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a professional multi-media educational equipments, conference and consumption electronics manufacturer engaged in designing, Research & Developing, producing and marketing, it is also contributing in providing customers with advanced smart interactive educational equipments and solutions. Since being founded in 2010, I Solutions has launched a series of products with “I Solutions” brand in year 2015, the educational products are HD Portable / Desktop Visualizer, Infrared Interactive Whiteboard,  multi-media all-in-one teaching PC, HD Document camera and Multimedia Central Controller and etc, the smart conference products are programmable central controller.

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    Aman Singh Manager -Technical Support
    Pinky Tiwari Mishra Director
    Neeraj Mishra Manager Sales & Operations
    Ritu Ahuja Manager Sale's
    Jai Prakash Manager Service
    Nisha Manager Sale's
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      Quality of Interactive board has been great.we were so pleased with the end result that we're planning to get more Smart class in our Airforce school

      Amrita Airforce

      Smart Classroom setup of I Solutions was remarkable and we're deciding over more to be installed at NCL funded school's

      A. Pathak Deputy General Manager (NCL)

      We are very happy to have Smart Classroom of I Solutions" the teaching session is now interesting

      IQ medical college Kolkata

      We're using Smart Classroom and the best part is the classes are having 100 attendance.

      JNV College

        Our Client